Optimization of topology measures in bottleneck management of network operation

Within the InnOpTEM project, we design innovative solution approaches as well as the implementation of innovative mathematical methods for topology optimization.
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The planning and operation of the transmission system is characterized by uncertainties, which are due, among other things, to the increasing share of feed-in from supply-dependent plants. To manage these uncertainties, transmission system operators have implemented time-phased processes in which appropriate measures are activated to ensure system security. Computer-aided optimization methods are essential in these processes. By adapting the network topology, it is possible to control power flows in transmission network operations and, if necessary, to reduce network bottlenecks. This can reduce cost-intensive redispatch measures. Due to the high complexity of the problem, topological measures are not optimized together with other measures today.

In this research project, solution approaches are designed and implemented which evaluate and optimize switching state changes and redispatch measures in an integrated procedure by simulation. Simplifications of the mathematical optimization problem as well as heuristic approaches and the use of artificial intelligence methods are conceivable as innovative solution approaches. To ensure the applicability of the approaches, a simulation environment is to be implemented as a field test already at the beginning of the project. Finally, recommendations for action will be derived from the implemented and evaluated approaches. Within the scope of this research project, RWTH Aachen University is developing innovative mathematical and AI-based approaches for topology optimization. Furthermore, RWTH Aachen University implements the developed innovative approaches in a network operation optimization to solve the closed-loop problem for joint optimization of topological as well as other market and network related measures. The focus of the RWTH is on the mathematical approaches for optimization as well as the mapping of operational restrictions.


10/2022 – 09/2025
Marco Lübbecke


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