Thoughts about Learning

We accompany your journey to operations research. This may be a long journey, not always easy. We accept you as individuals, with different backgrounds, expectations, and motivations. We thus offer different ways of learning. You may attend our courses/lectures or watch videos, whatever suits you better. We encourage you to commit yourself and work with our material by offering class tests and quizzes and/or implementation tasks, including feedback. Whenever possible, you will find yourselves in interdisciplinary teams, to help you grow with different angles on the same subject. We offer the entire spectrum, from the theoretical foundations to the implementation in practice. We make an effort to deliver a lot and we certainly expect a lot. That includes perseverance and dealing with failure (because we all fail at times, and that is perfectly OK). We respect your own creativity and do not enforce the one and only solution approach. So don't ask for sample solutions, many roads lead to Rome.


We have open topics for Bachelors and Masters Theses in operations research and mathematical optimization.

Student Statements

Graduate Statements

„Das Team und der Zusammenhalt am Lehrstuhl bieten sehr gute Bedingungen für Deine Masterarbeit.“

Georg S., Abschluss 2016.

„Die numerische und theoretische Vorbereitung am OR macht es einem leicht im neuen Arbeitsleben.“

Jaromil N., Abschluss: 2014, Gurobi GmbH.

„Am meisten hat mir sicherlich geholfen, dass du soviel wert aufs Modellieren im Rahmen von OR 1 gelegt hast.“

Lutz V., Senior Data Scientist - Operations Research, Deutsche Post.