Dipl.-Math. oec. Michael Bastubbe

Member: 2012-2018
Now with: Jobware, Paderborn

Martin Bergner

Member: 2010-2014

JProf. Dr. Christina Büsing

Member: 2012-2015

Dr. Florian Dahms

Member: 2011-2015

Dr. Dirk Degel

Member: 2014-2015

Michael Feldmeier

Member: 2017-2018
Now with: University of Edinburgh, School of Mathematics

Prof. Fabio Furini

Member: 2011

Dr. Sebastian Goderbauer

Now with: GAPZERO GmbH

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Kerzel

Member: 2017-2018

Sebastian Krott

Member: 2018-2019
Now with: Share Now

Markus Kruber

Member: 2013-2019
Now with: GAPZERO GmbH

Magdalena Lang

Member: 2018
Now with: viadee

Beatrix Lindner

Member: 2010-2013

Dr. Pascal Lutter

Member: 2014-2015
Now with: Quintiq

Dr. Stefano Michelini

Christian Puchert

Member: 2011-2019
Now with: AbOvo

Dr. Elisabeth Rodríguez-Heck

Dipl.-Math. Sarah Roth

Member: 2011-2016
Now with: Ford

Annika Thome

Member: 2012-2017

Dr. Andreas M. Tillmann

Member: 2017-2019

Dr. Matthias Walter

Member: 2016-2019

Jonas Witt

Member: 2013-2018
Now with: DPDHL, OR Scientist